Yarin Manes is a Creative Director/VFX Sup based in Los Angeles. Yarin brings the work to life through his dedication, creativity, technical expertise, and personable approach for inspiring teams in the advancment of high-end VFX. He is a master of translating and implementing the client’s vision through the complex and ever-evolving nature of the VFX production pipeline. This mastery in study, skill, awareness and team development has led Yarin to industry-recognition by winning a 2021 VES Award for his CG lead role on Walmart ‘Famous Visitors,’ which won ‘Outstanding VFX in a Commercial’.

With Yarin’s passion for the art of VFX and the new directions the field is going, such as real-time, he is ever developing his ability to create and execute his vision. With nearly two decades as a VFX artist and lead, he has established a high level of skill in all 3D generalist functions specializing in look development, lighting and compositing. In addition to his technical know-how, Yarin has a unique understanding of the benefits of creating comradery and a sense of belonging amongst his teams. He knows that great leadership is a byproduct of being engaged in the people component of the production that goes for clients, directors and VFX artists.

Yarin began his career in Israel, where he is from, in 2005 as a 2D compositor. After a few years working on commercials there, he moved to the US and graduated from Gnomon School of Visual Effects as a 3D generalist. With an expanded knowledge of 3D on top of traditional animation and the process of more sophisticated VFX, he booked his first VFX job with Warner Brothers, working on the remake of ‘Akira’ which was directed by the Hughes brothers. From there, he has gone on to work for high-profile, VFX intensive productions and award-winning CG studios in films, television, commercials, and music videos with some of the best companies in the industry: The Mill, Apple, Warner Brothers, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Saatchi & Saatchi and more!