Yarin Manes

Visual Storyteller

Accomplished 3D Generalist, Lighter, Compositor and Look Developer.

Background includes all stages of production pipeline, utilizing a wide range of CG software tools.

Fosters collaborative environment as Supervisor and leader on 2D and 3D teams.

Experience working with high-profile VFX intensive productions, award-winning CG studios and industry-leading production companies.


“We just finished a commercial spot and I had the pleasure of working with Yarin. Incredibly knowledgable and strong artist with a great eye, great attitude and great work ethics. I hope I get to work with him again in the future!”

Paul George Palop
Digital Effects Supervisor, Digital Domain

“I recently had the pleasure to work with Yarin. He is a very dedicated artist, and his lighting skills created one of the best looking shots in our latest project.”

Fernando Zorrilla
CG Supervisor, Method Studios

“I had the pleasure of working with Yarin on a very challenging job for the Air Force. Great technical chops, a calm personality that was like fresh air on a high pressure deadline, and a good eye for details made him a a great addition to our team. I’m looking forward to working with him once again.”

Aladino Debert
Creative Director, Digital Domain — Director, Mothership

“I recently worked with Yarin on a feature… he is an incredible artist. …it is important for me to trust the lighting/3d artist I am working with… Yarin’s work is always very high quality with a fast turn around… He is a pleasure to work… I am always relieved when he is lighting my shots. I highly recommend him for any type of project.”

Katerina Arroyo
Senior Compositor, The Mill

“I worked with Yarin on several projects at different companies… impressed by his dedication and skills. It was an amazing relief to have such a well-versed person at the ready to help… His skills as an artist are equally impressive and show experience and devotion to his craft …pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Val Sinlao
Senior Maya CG Generalist / Lighter

“Yarin is a master CG Generalist. He brings a fresh perspective to the floor and his work is exceptional… a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to share knowledge and keeps a light humor running on the floor…highly recommend anyone looking for a trouble free artist experience… look forward to continuing working with him.”

Christopher E. A. Christman
Creative Visualization Designer, General Motors

“Working with Yarin was a great experience… has a uniquely thorough understanding of technology and artistry… was relief to have such a well-versed person at the ready to help out. He was able to consult with patience and authority whenever a question or issue arose so that we could form a well rounded plan of attack… hope that our paths will cross in the future.”

Ashley J. Ward
VFX Production Manager, HBO

“…like a one stop shop for all your VFX needs… capable doing pretty much every part of the pipeline and performs well in each. That level of talent is invaluable on a smaller project…  he understands the scope of a project and will run his teams according to the various needs of the whole… would be an asset to any shop in town. Highly recommended!”

Jeff Wells
Senior Compositor, Sony Pictures Imagework

“I worked with Yarin on a very challenging project and was impressed by his dedication and his willingness to motivate and mentor younger artists. His skills as an artist are equally impressive and show experience and devotion to his craft. I highly recommend him to any project seeking a Sr. level Lighter/Compositer or Supervisor.”

Brenda Finster
VFX Coordinator

“What can I say… Yarin is a fantastic digital artist and a great person. I had the pleasure of working with him on our recent teaser for ‘Thunder Run.’ Yarin’s expertise of Maya and Vray helped us create breathtaking imagery of the Iraq War. He has a solid work ethic and is extremely motivated. I hope to bring Yarin back in the new year to continue making the rest of the film with us.”

Chad Finnerty
Owner/VFX Supervisor, Digital Frontier FX

“I have known Yarin for three years and he has always impressed me by how quickly he can pick up new skills. Not only is he a talented and knowledgeable Lighter and Compositer, but Yarin is also fun to work with and brings an enthusiastic attitude toward to any task to which he is appointed.”

Daniel Edery
Lead 3D Artist/Concept Designer, Aaron Sims Creative

“I am enormously grateful to have been recommended Yarin by the Gnomon School. His work has been outstanding and has been done quickly and with a smile, he has been flexible and accomodating to all our our various needs and requirements. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Alastair Graham
Vice President, Distinction Hospitality

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